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TIKVA in Romania
Helping Jewish Ukrainian Orphaned Refugees

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In 1993, Tikva first opened its doors in Odesa, Ukraine, with a broad humanitarian mission and an emphasis on reviving a community in this former communist region. In the course of these efforts, they discovered the plight of local Jewish children who were suffering homelessness, abuse, neglect or living in bleak and destitute State orphanage environments.

Following their harrowing escape from Odesa, they are now trying to do their best to maintain their humanitarian mission in Romania, a totally foreign environment and extremely challenging operating conditions. Tikva have, in essence, taken an entire community from one country and transplanted them (after the first two harrowing weeks of the war) to another. Their main objective has been and remains keeping the community together as a family. The hope is that in the absence of their physical community and facilities, they can at least replicate that feeling as much as possible whilst maintaining the psychological cohesiveness and comfort that unity provides. FoR is passionate about providing all the help that we can for the Tikva orphanage to not only survive, but thrive in Romania. 

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Value Based Societies
Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Book: 2030 by Mauro Guillen, Translated in Romanian


2030: How Today's Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything by Mauro F. Guillen is a groundbreaking analysis from one of the world's foremost experts on global trends, including analysis on how COVID-19 will amplify and accelerate each of these changes. FoR in partnership with Litera Publishing House is translating and launching this book in Romania in an effort to transfer novel ideas about a more competitive Romanian economy.

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