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Events and Fundraisers

Friends of Romania puts on events and fundraisers throughout the year to propel our mission and promote out projects

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May 10, 2022 | 3:00 - 4:30 PM ET I White-Meyer House, 1624 Crescent Place NW

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana will serve as the keynote speaker for this program highlighting 25 years of the U.S-Romania Strategic Partnership. Benefits and challenges of NATO enlargement will also be explored with a panel of global affairs thought leaders.

Welcoming remarks: Ambassador Stuart Holliday, Meridian International Center
Introductory remarks: Ambassador Andrei Muraru, Ambassador of Romania to the United States
Keynote address: Dr. Mircea Geoana, NATO Deputy Secretary General
Speakers: Ambassador Marc Grossman, The Cohen Group
Ambassador Paula Dobriansky, Harvard Kennedy School
Ambassador Alfred Moses, Covington 8 Burling, LLP
Dr. Daniel Hamilton, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Steve Clemons, Editor at Large, SEMAFOR

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July 08, 2022 | 18:00 GMT+2 I Diplomatic Club, Bucharest

25 years of Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States of America - from security to prosperity. This event includes thoughtful conversations about how the world is going to look like after the events that we have all been living and thoughts on individual decisions that leaders have to take in order to serve a broader philosophical context. 

Presenters: Andrei Pogonaru — Aspen Fellow, ’09; Madalina Mocan— Aspen Fellow ’09; Marshall Memorial Fellow GMF ’14

Mircea Geoana - Deputy Secretary General, NATO 

Shane Dixon — Deputy Chief of Mission of U.S. Embassy to Romania
Florin Spataru - Minister of Economy in the Romanian Government 

Message from Mr. Marcel Ciolacu - President of Chamber of Deputies and of the Pro-America group in the Romanian Parliament 

Josephine Payne - President of Ford of Romania at Ford Motor Company

John M. Florescu - Chairman of Friends of Romania Foundation 

Ionut Simion - President, AmCham 

On the occasion of the NATO Deputy Secretary General's visit to Los Angeles, Friends of Romania together with Alex Popa hosted a highly successful community building event, where Romanians and Romanian-Americans from all over the United States participated in thought-provoking discussion, while enjoying traditional Romanian food and drinks.

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